Conserving Biodiversity Hotspots in the Hastings (2021-2023)

Enhancing biodiversity hotspots being dams, wetlands, rivers and rainforest!

Hastings Landcare aims to enhance biodiversity hotspots in the region with their latest project.  The project will enhance biodiversity hotspots being dams, wetlands, rivers and rainforest in the Hastings Local Government Area. This project will economically support rural areas by supporting farmers, purchasing materials locally and through the use of local contractors. Environmentally these projects will enhance biodiversity hot spots, particularly those associated with water to build long term resilience to our landscapes and waterways. This project is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and the New South Wales governments under the Bushfire Local Economic Fund.

This community led project supports best practice sustainable agriculture by increasing on farm biodiversity and improving water quality. Port Macquarie Hastings Council Biosecurity Officer Matt Bell says, “the agriculture, forestry and fishing sectors are reliant on biodiversity conservation and good water quality’. Eligible activities will include native species planting, fencing, weed control, alternative stock watering points, etc. Landholder contributions and in-kind works will be required.

Hastings Landcare has a large network of rural landholders and we believe community connections build community resilience. Through this project we hope to strengthen the Landcare Network and welcome more landholders and supporters to our group. Hastings Landcare President Peter Fitzroy says, ‘connecting rural landholders together equals strong community connections, resilience and an effective ability to overcome problems’. Hastings Landcare is inclusive and open to all.

Hastings Landcare works to nurture community connections, enhance the local environment, and support sustainable agriculture.

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