Talking Weeds at the Winery 2019

Landholders get together to learn and share knowledge about weeds.

Landholders got together to share and learn from each other at our Talking Weeds at the Winery Event. The day was held on 16th October 2019 at Bago Maze & Winery. Landholders had a chance to learn more about common weeds, emerging weeds and see demonstrations on how to control weeds.

Weed control can be overwhelming and frustrating when people are using the wrong approach or techniques or just don’t know where to start. “We want to help community members adopt an achievable approach to weed control using the best technique and tools for their situation”, says Steve from Hastings Landcare. “We are here to help, so if anyone needs advice or guidance on weeds please don’t hesitate to contact us”.

New weed species can show up in various ways, it is critical to control these weeds before they get the chance to spread throughout the Hastings Region. “Controlling emerging weeds early means we reduce the weeds impact significantly by preventing any further spread”, says Matt Bell Biosecurity Officer from Port Macquarie Hastings Council.  “We rely heavily on the community to report sightings of any new weed species so that we can act accordingly”.

This project is supported by the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Landcare NSW Incorporated through funding received for the Established Pest Animals and Weeds initiative, part of the Australian Government’s Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper, the government’s plan for stronger farmers and a stronger economy.

If you are a new landholder, have been on the land for years or have an interest in the environment feel free to contact us!

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