Why look after our rivers, water and biodiversity?

Our local waterways and biodiversity are vitally important for our existence, and we should all be advocating to protect our rivers whenever we get the chance!

Rivers are important places for people.
Rivers connect people and places, sustain cultural beliefs, are positive for our mental well being and are often a way of life. A river has a certain energy that that draws people in for many reasons.

Rivers provide us with water.
The water in our rivers streams and lakes are THE MOST IMPORTANT water source in NSW. In our area, water is pumped directly from the Hastings River into our water storage facility at Cowarra Dam. The Korree Island Pumping Station can pump up to 120 megalitres per day in peak conditions. Our rivers provide water for us, stock animals, irrigation and for wildlife.

Rivers support rich biodiversity.
When water meets land we often find ecosystems rich with biodiversity. The plant and animal communities change as we move along the river.  Along the Hastings River we get mangrove forests, casuarina and paperbark forests, beautiful waterhousea-water gum rainforest, dry rainforest, River Oak (casurina) Forest and various sclerophyll forest just to name a few! 

Rivers provide for our local economy.

Our rivers support our local economy through agriculture, fishing and tourism. Beef and horticulture production relys on our river to function. Both recreational fishing, commercial fishing and oyster production rely on a health system with good water quailty. Tourist come regularly to our region to camp and paddle the upper reaches, whale watch or picnic around our beautiful waterway.

Rivers need to be protected!
Everything is connected and we rely on each other to keep our waterways healthy (to keep us healthy!). So pick up that rubbish, plant that tree, put up that fence, volunteer with that group and chip in to help look after our rivers. Our local water and biodiversity is important and we should all be advocating to protect our river systems whenever we get the chance!

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