Supporting Landholders to Improve Koala Habitat (2022-2024)

A community-led initiative to extend and improve habitat for the endangered Koala.

This project is a community-led conservation initiative to extend and improve habitat for the endangered Koala. Over sixty percent of koala habitat in NSW is on private land.  At Hastings Landcare we support any rural landholder who needs help improving their natural areas with advice, resources, site inspections and in cases like this grant funding.

Projects include creating koala corridors, extending koala habitat through planting, promoting natural regeneration and improving existing habitat. On-ground works will include planting, bush regeneration, fencing of koala habitat to exclude stock, weed control and pest management. Hastings Landcare representative Stephen Allwood said, “ Hastings Landcare exists to support people caring for our local environment and  we encourage landholder to get in contact with us”.

Koala have been in historical decline and due to cumulating threats are now endangered. Hastings Macleay Koala Partnerships Officer Louise Hoade says, ‘threats such as habitat loss, a changing climate, vehicle strike, dog attack and disease have impacted heavily on our koalas”. Hastings Landcare’s project has an emphasis on habitat recovery and as always community centred.

This project received grant funding from the Australian Government. Hastings Landcare works to nurture community connections, enhance the local environment, and support sustainable agriculture.

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