Songbirds, Streambank and Weeds Workshop !

Learn about the evolutionary journey of songbirds, restoring our waterways and weed identification and management!

Come and join us at Rollands Plains Hall Saturday 30th September 2023 to learn about the evolutionary journey of songbirds, restoring our waterways and weed identification and management! This workshop will be hosted by Hastings Landcare, Local Land Services, Port Macquarie Hastings Council, and guest speaker Andrew Turbill. The workshop is funded by the Landcare Riparian Restoration Grants program is supported by Local Land Services with funding from the NSW Government’s $200 million Regional Recovery Package.

What can we learn from birdsong? Guest Speaker Andrew Turbill will provide insight into bird language. Andrew says, “Birds are our gateway into deeper nature connection. Bird language teaches us the ways of the forest”. Andrew specialises in landscape-scale ecological perspectives and communicating the science and impacts of climate change on Gondwana World Heritage rainforest ecosystems.

A well-managed river or stream (riparian zone) improves biodiversity, increases wildlife, and improves water quality. Local Land Services and Landcare will be talking best practice riparian (riverbank) management, planning, assessing riparian zones and plantings in riparian zones. Additionally, Local Land Services will be outlining permissions and permit requirements required before carrying out any major work including use of rocks or re-snagging.

Weed control can be overwhelming and frustrating when people are using the wrong approach or techniques or just don’t know where to start. Using the right technique and tools to control weeds makes the job more achievable. Port Macquarie Hastings Council Representative says, ‘We are here to help so if anyone needs advice or guidance on weeds, please don’t hesitate to contact us”.

Hastings Landcare welcomes everyone to the workshop free of charge. Hastings Landcare works to nurture community connections, enhance the local environment, and support sustainable agriculture.

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