Frogs, Flood and Streambank Erosion Workshop

Join us for a free Workshop on focused on reducing and adapting to natural disaster risks through the lens of Landcare activities.


Join us for a free Workshop on People Led Prevention Project – a Landcare NSW project jointly funded by the Australian and NSW Governments, this project is focused on reducing and adapting to natural disaster risks through the lens of Landcare activities and nature-based solutions to protect, sustainably manage and restore natural and modified environments and homes to help minimise the destruction caused by natural disasters.

The Hastings Region experiences minor flooding regularly. However, some years major flooding impacts our community. State Emergency Services (SES) will discuss preparing for floods and community resilience. SES Community Engagement Officer, Steve Lawrence said, “The workshop will also provide information about the role of the NSW SES, sources of emergency information during natural disasters and discuss what people can do now to prepare for future severe weather events”.  On the day there will be an option to complete a flood plan for your property with the help of an SES representative.

Flooding can also cause damage and erosion to rivers and waterways. Local Land Services and Landcare will be talking best practice riparian (riverbank) management, planning, assessing riparian zones and plantings in riparian zones. Additionally, Local Land Services will be outlining permissions and permit requirements required before carrying out any major work including use of rocks or re-snagging. Hastings Landcare representative says, “a well-managed riparian zone can be more resilient during a minor to moderate flood”.

Guest speaker, Dr Alex Knight from Charles Sturt University will be talking everything frogs. She will be discussing the key features of frog habitat and how to improve it, as well as introducing us to our rare and beautiful local frog species and their calls. Dr Alex says, “Frogs are our environmental indicators and can give us an understanding of environment” Also learn how to recognise some of our local frog species.

This workshop is in collaboration with Local Land Services, SES and Charles Sturt University.

Working closely with NSW Emergency and disaster risk preparedness agencies, the People Led Prevention project aims to play a supporting role alongside the existing information and preparedness plans already in place by the SES and RFS.

Lunch and morning tea will be provided on the day with vegetarian and gluten free options available.

Date: Tuesday 19th September

Time: 8:45am-1pm

Location: Wauchope Community Arts Centre – Oxley Lane, Wauchope

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