Reconstructing Hastings River Riparian Rainforest! (2024)

Landholders and a dedicated group of volunteers, have boosted biodiversity, protected riverbanks and created a valuable wildlife corridor along the Hastings River!

Hastings River Biodiversity Planting!

Hastings Landcare, in collaboration with Landholders Peter & Emma Daley and a dedicated group of volunteers, have boosted biodiversity, protected riverbanks and created the beginnings of a valuable wildlife corridor along the Hastings River. 300 local native trees and shrubs were planted at a community planting event on the 17th April 2024. 

Linking habitats and protecting the river is all part of the Biodiversity Plan the Daley’s have created for their property ‘Gannon Vale’. Hastings Landcare representative says, “having a clear property plan or map outlines the vision for your property and allows you stage projects”. The Daley’s have installed fencing and off-stream watering points to prevent stock from accessing the river. This will protect planted trees, prevent erosion, increase water quality, and create a corridor for wildlife.

The choice of plant species is vital for long term success of any biodiversity or habitat reconstruction planting. The right plants species will establish better and faster, cope with local conditions and provide habitat for wildlife. Peter & Emma Daley says, “Hastings Landcare helped with site selection, plant selection, tree guard selection and putting together a community planting day. I got the site prepared and a great group of volunteers came out to help plant the trees!”. This Hastings River site was planted as Lower North Waterhousea-Water Gum Rainforest which is what would have been on the site originally.

On behalf of Hastings Landcare, we extend our gratitude to the Daley's and our dedicated volunteers who helped plant on the day! Your dedication and passion have helped create another biodiversity rich corridor. If you are interested in doing a planting day at your property or volunteering to help out in the future, please get in contact!

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